Keeping your little one safe is number one priority and our playground rubber mulch can help you do just that. It is a low maintenance, highly durable surfacing option that creates a safe environment for your children to play. In addition we also offer rubber mulch border which help contain any loose-fill surfacing. This maximizes its effectiveness, helps keep the play area clean, and clearly differentiates between play and non-play zones.

At Direct Rubber Mulch we want to ensure that your child has the best play experience possible. Rubber mulch allows children to explore and develop their skills on a forgiving surface that helps to protect them from serious falls and gives you peace of mind. In fact, rubber mulch has been shown to consistently absorb more shock impact than any other standard surface material.

In addition to its safety properties, there are a number of other key benefits of rubber mulch surfacing:

  • Water runs right through rubber mulch, providing drainage that prevents the accumulation of dust and keeps the playground surface from becoming slippery and hazardous.
  • Rubber mulch doesn’t float and won’t erode in heavy rain.
  • It doesn’t attract wood-destroying insects such as termites and carpenter ants that can be a problem for other surfacing options like wood mulch.
  • Rubber mulch helps to prevent mold and fungi growth, reducing the risk of allergy issues.
  • It fights weed growth, especially when installed with geo-textile fabric.
We offer a wide range of affordable and high-quality products. Our mulch and rubber curb borders are made from recycled rubber. The recycled tires used for playground rubber mulch are extensively processed so that the final product is at least 99.9% wire free.

In addition to the rubber curb borders mentioned above, we also have plastic timber borders available. They are very commonly used with rubber mulch and feature a ramp that can be used with the system for ADA accessibility, allowing wheelchair users and those with mobility impairments to easily access the play area.

Installation requires sufficient drainage, but once in place our mulch products are great for a variety of playground equipment including swing sets, swing beams, rope climbers and more. We also offer playground mats and swing mats which help to prevent erosion and divots around high traffic areas.

Whether you are building or refurbishing a playground for your school, park, church, home, or somewhere else entirely, here at Direct Rubber Mulch we can help you maximize the potential of your project. We are committed to making every playground and landscape a place to enjoy for both children and parents and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Give your visitors an experience to talk about. Contact us today and find out how our products can benefit your playground.