Why Children Should Play

Why Children Should Play

Direct Rubber Mulch is a rubber mulch landscape-surfacing distributor, and we want to take the time to recognize some of our biggest beneficiaries: children. Given that we endeavor to see a playground from a child’s point of view, our previous blog posts have specifically talked about playground safety and creating a complete playground.

As we go into the warmest months of the year, youngsters everywhere are eager to play. Playing is important for children because it nurtures them both mentally and physically. No matter a child’s age, playtime helps to develop healthy habits as an individual as well as a family and community member. There are innumerable thoughts, opinions and published works regarding a child’s mental development. Collectively, these observations reveal how children view summertime and recess time as a time to be in control, a time to imagine without constraint[1].

children.chasingAs mentioned in the complete playground blog, children use playtime to stimulate their brain’s logical responses and the recognition of colors, shapes and connections. According to Lester and Russell[2], they believe that whether or not a child has suffered from any form of trauma, playtime helps them to “rearrange their worlds and make them either less scary or less boring.” As with adults, children often become overwhelmed with rules, structure and incomprehensible thoughts, so playtime becomes a healthy means of escape, although it is only healthy in moderation.

The same could be said for eating and how it relates to a child’s physicality. With child obesity on the rise, it is important to go back to the basics of how a child plays. Children love to play chasing games, which are ingrained in us all at an extremely young age. Lester and Russell[3] remark that children value “the thrill of the chase.” Chasing is both a mental and physical action. It serves a logical response that trains children to predict patterns and seek new ways to capture their prize. It is also a great tool for measuring a child’s competitive nature. Playing a game of tag often results in a great deal of running, which helps combat child obesity. If adults can adjust their dietary intake and increase physical activity to lose weight and become more healthy, the same is possible for obese or overweight children.

Colors, shapes and activities all stimulate children and, as pre-adults, they develop a sense for observing and connecting behaviors and patterns. Playtime is ingrained in all aspects of their mental and physical development, and it is up to companies like ours to provide a safe place for children to develop their imaginations and eventually become mature and well-adjusted adults.

Direct Rubber Mulch offers six unique rubber mulch color designs for residential and commercial playground use. Our products are 100 percent recyclable and certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA). To see how all of our products including ramps and borders can work for your particular needs, please schedule a consultation today!

[1]Lester, Stuart and Wendy Russell. “Children’s Right to Play.” December 2010. Bernard van Leer Foundation. Retrieved May 6, 2014 from http://ipaworld.org/main/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/BvLF-IPAWorkingPaper-Childrens-Right-to-Play-Dec2010f.pdf.

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