Swing Mats

Swing Mats

Our swing mats are perfect for areas with loose-fill surfacing.

Our swing set mats are made from recycled rubber, and can help to keep your playground safe. We offer a variety of rubber playground mulch products, including playground borders and, of course, the aforementioned playground mats. Loose fill products have a tendency to be displaced due to heavy foot traffic and dragging of feet, resulting in erosion and divots that can be dangerous for children at play. We are a leading playground rubber mulch supplier because our products help stop the displacement of loose fill surfacing, and because they are affordable and built to last. Call Direct Rubber Mulch today to learn more about our mats, the sizes they are available in, pricing and more. This is essential equipment for any playground set-up, so don’t wait to outfit your play area with these safe and durable items.

Traditional swing mats are no match for the mats we offer. Our mats offer a durability not often seen, making them viable long-term solutions that promote playground safety wherever they are used.

  • Our mats are made from recycled rubber
  • Use our mats to facilitate the safety of children playing on your playground
  • Especially effective in areas using loose fill surfacing
  • May be used under swings, slides, ladders and more

Rubber mulch doesn’t decompose or disintegrate, meaning once you purchase your products from Direct Rubber Mulch you can expect them to last for years and years. Swing mats help to protect your investment by effectively managing divots, erosion and kick-out.”

We are a family-owned business that is committed to knowledgeable customer service, affordable pricing and your overall satisfaction. Our playground equipment can help you to create the kind of environment you are seeking for your play area: namely, one that allows kids to be kids and play in safety. If you are interested in learning more, you may reach Direct Rubber Mulch directly by calling (877) 884-3660.

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