What Do Kids Think About Rubber Mulch?

What Do Kids Think About Rubber Mulch?

green.mulch.playgroundbIf you ask a child which type of playground they prefer to occupy, you will find that they often prefer the playgrounds with sand, rubber mulch or poured rubber as the playground surface. Why? The surfaces just feel better on little feet and are simply fun to play on! The bouncy texture is gentle on their joints as they jump, run and approach the surface from a swing or slide.

Kids don’t care if their playground is eco-friendly and made with recycled rubber! They just like to know that their playground is ready for play at all times.

With rubber mulch as the playground surface, a playground can be ready for maximum fun at all times. Did you know that rubber mulch does not absorb water? This is a benefit for everyone because heavy rains will not affect the playground’s usability once the weather clears. Children must only wait long enough for the play equipment to be dry enough to prevent slips and falls!

FranconiaBC.Alexandria.VA2Let’s face it, sand is bland. It does not grab attention or create an aesthetically appealing play space. Rubber mulch, however, is made with some bold colors that are sure to get little ones’ attention and pull them in towards the play equipment. If your child were to look at a photograph of two playgrounds, one on a sand surface and the other on a bold color surface, they would likely prefer the color, shapes and opportunities to explore provided by the bold color surface.

Moms and caregivers will love that rubber mulch helps prevent weed growth as well as deter dangerous insects. Weeds can still occur, but more often than not, the rubber mulch prevents any growth when it is a deep playground layer.

Commercial playgrounds are required to have at least six inches of this safe playground surface as a safety precaution for kids’ falls, according to the Consumer Safety Product Commission’s Public Playground Safety Guide. Other playground surfacing materials require at least three inches more and are subject to displacement, which is a safety hazard. If displacement is a concern with rubber mulch as well, playground mats are a great solution!

In a kid’s eyes, a playground is a place for exploration and play. Rubber mulch advocates both of those opportunities while also being a safe surface! What are you waiting for? Transform your boring playground into an exciting, maintenance-free one with rubber mulch today!

Direct Rubber Mulch distributes rubber mulch right to your door. We use LTL carriers for our large pallet orders, and our coverage calculator helps you determine exactly how much you will need for your installation! No need for annual refills because rubber mulch will not compress like wood mulch or sand will! Contact us today for more details!

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