Is This Recyclable?

Is This Recyclable?

shutterstock_205727002Many cities promote the idea of using the green waste can for waste and the blue can for recyclable materials. Homeowners and businesses, however, often illustrate a level of confusion as to what differentiates recyclable materials from waste. Waste Management put together a great interactive tool to illustrate what objects are recyclable, and how its recycling can be returned to you. Here at Direct Rubber Mulch, we love recycled products so much that we offer opportunities for you to use recycled items such as rubber mulch, rubber borders, plastic borders and rubber mats!

We are going to work with mega-waste corporation, Waste Management, to itemize what you can start putting in those blue cans today!

 1. Is it clean?
This is the first step to determining whether it can be recycled. Try to remove as much food waste from it as possible, and then you can toss it into the recycling bin. If it is something that is embedded into the material beyond cleaning’s repair, then it is too soiled to be used for recycling.

2. Do I have to categorize?
No! You don’t have to separate glass from aluminum or paper from cardboard. Every one of those items can be put into the appropriate bin because the recycling plant will take care of separating it and processing the materials.

shutterstock_96587932 3. What are the appropriate categories?
The old-school way of recycling had differentiation of paper types and plastic types, but now it is easier to recycle more paper and plastic products because of today’s technology! You can even recycle items that were not allowed a decade or so ago, but be careful to only do so at designated facilities.

Universally you can recycle:
–          Aluminum in can, foil and bakeware forms
–          Steel and tin cans
–          Phone books
–          Junk mail
–          Paper cardboard liquid cartons
–          Paperboard (glossy paper cardboard)
–          Newspapers
–          Office paper
–          Magazines
–          Corrugated cardboard
–          Clear, brown and green glass (certain restrictions)
–          Plastic (but NOT plastic shopping bags)
–          Plastic resin (certain restrictions)

If you want to learn more about the restrictions, please refer to the above link for more information!

Other honorable mentions of recyclable products that certain facilities can process and manufacture for new uses include:
–          Tires
–          Rubber
–          Artificial grass
–          Batteries
–          Light bulbs
–          Computers and computer parts
–          TVs
–          VCRs
–          Stereos
–          Home and office phones, printers and copy or fax machines!

Many of the smaller parts within these items are very valuable and can be re-purposed elsewhere or converted into a newer model.

Recycling and repurposing does not end there though. Many people experiment with integrating older items into new uses for home décor, everyday items, and other special uses. Pinterest is a great place to hunt for ideas, but we also found some excellent representations of repurposed items on Yahoo! and here.

Perhaps you are interested in learning more about how our recycled products can fit into your gardening, landscaping or play area needs! Check out our other blogs for ideas, or call our sales experts today at 1.877.884.3660!

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