How many playground borders do I need?

Some times figuring out how many playground borders you need for your project can be a little tricky so we’ve decided to write a post to help clear up the confusion. There are basically two common scenarios that most playground projects fall under. Let’s take a look at each one.

Square or Rectangle Play Area

For this example let’s assume that we’re using the 12” Playground Border with Spike. This playground border provides 4′ feet of border when interlocked.

If you’re dealing with a square or rectangle, you’ll need to go out and measure the length and width of your play area. As you can see in the example below our playground is 35′ x 35′. Then you’ll need to make sure that each side of the play area is divisible by the border length which in our case is 4′. Because 35′ isn’t divisible by 4′ we’re going to have to bump the play area out to 36′ x 36′. This will allow us to put 9 full borders on each side. The total number of borders we’ll need for the example below is 36 with and adjusted size of 36′ x 36′.

Rectangular playground area

Irregular Play Area

For this example let’s also assume that we’re using the 12” Playground Border with Spike. This playground border provides 4′ feet of border when interlocked.

Irregular play areas aren’t quite an exact science. First, you’ll need to determine the perimeter of the play area. This can be done easily with something like a distance measuring wheel or if you’ve got a drawing with that spec… even better! Then, you’ll divide the perimeter by the border length. In our case that is 106’/4′ = 26.5. Because the length of the borders can’t be altered you’ll have to round that up to 27. We would recommend that you take that a step further and order a few extra borders because it’s difficult to figure out how exactly things will work out until you actually get out there and start laying them out. You’ll want to avoid coming up a little short and having to encroach on the safety zone.

Irregular playground area


  • If the safety zone of the playground comes right up to the border, you may need to bump the play area out a bit so the width of the playground border doesn’t encroach on safety zone.
  • It’s always best to order more borders than you think you’ll need. You may come up a little short, damage one in the installation process, or damage one down the road. It’s always nice to have a few extras laying around.
  • Playground borders have two different length measurements. One is the total length from end to end and the other is the border length or total amount of border provided when interlocked. For example the 12” Playground Border with Spike has a total length of 4′ 4” but a border length of 4′ because they each share the interlocking tabs when installed.
  • When working with an irregular shape keep in mind that some borders are flexible like our rubber curb borders and some of them are not like our plastic timber borders.



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