How Direct Rubber Mulch Provides Complete Landscaping Materials

How Direct Rubber Mulch Provides Complete Landscaping Materials

Landscape surfacing material? Check.
Shovels? Check.
Friend assistance for the project? Check.

Ever feel like you’re missing something on your landscaping project checklist? Sometimes you won’t realize that something is amiss until after you begin your task. If you are attempting to create a more impressive manicured exterior at your home or business, a lack of preparation can cause a project such as this to go awry.

brown.borderFor this particular checklist example, there is the lack of containment for the surface material. No matter the size and purpose of your landscaping project, chances are you are going to want to contain the loose material in some way. For those using gardening mulch, sand or rubber mulch, the best way to contain the material is to have some sort of curb or lip. One easy way to mold around unique shapes is via the use of rubber borders.

When you utilize recycled rubber curb borders, they offer both flexibility and stability that is needed for landscaping as well as communal playground use. To keep the borders secure, stakes hold the pieces together and adhere them to the ground. This ensures their durability because many are used for playground applications where kids are likely to be rough with the borders.

Direct Rubber Mulch takes playground and landscaping timbers and borders to a convenient new level though! Besides boasting 100 percent recyclable materials, our company also offers the option for ramps. This is great for those who want to comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) in ensuring that all areas are accommodating for those who use wheelchairs or other devices for transportation.

rubberbordertimbersOur black playground border timbers are great for those who want to monitor the level of surfacing material during and post-installation. All of the backsides feature a handy ruler to help eliminate second-guessing and provides a more accurate reading. Additionally, it will let you know when the material has become compacted and needs a fresh new layer.

No matter the scope or intricacy of the project you want to carry out, you can count on a landscaping material distributor like Direct Rubber Mulch for our excellent customer service and many years of experience. Check out our rubber mulch pellets color selection plus our handy coverage calculator, then feel free to use our online contact form or call us at 1.877.884.3660 to place your order!

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