Discovering Commercial Value in Landscaping Materials

Discovering Commercial Value in Landscaping Materials

shutterstock_155987474With more than 29 million types of businesses throughout the United States alone ( as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau from data collected in 2007), commercial business likely make up a good percentage of that overall number. While this number surely fluctuated over the last seven years throughout the slow progress of overcoming the recession, businesses of all types have been forced to think smarter, react quickly and be more conscious of their overall outcome.

Competition has always been a factor of business, but lately the ecological impact businesses have on their communities is also something to consider. Whether CEOs realize it or not, what they do on their business property, with their business and even in their personal lives, sets an example for others as well as the competing companies around them. If something is working well for Company A, companies B-Z will all want to mimic them to make sure they attract the same market or success.

commercialbusinessesesgogreenLandscaping is one example of what companies can do with their business property to help set a green standard for their communities. Expansive lots can have acres of perfectly trimmed grass year in and year out, but consider:

  • How expensive must it be to keep the grass that green all year-round?
  • How much water is being invested in the ground versus for others in the community?
  • Is the business paying for landscaping companies not practicing green methods?

Those who drive by the property as well as those directly within the community are recognizing all of these factors. If word was to get out that a company was making an effort toward green practices, it’s a contagious domino effect because it shows public consideration for more than just the environment!

If a business was simply to switch to artificial grass and use rubber mulch around tree beds, it will keep the same aesthetic look without the costly waste of watering, nurturing and even replacing! In case you are unaware, many artificial turf companies use recycled materials to create their grass in order to contribute more to the environment.

Using recycled mulch instead of rocks or wood mulch also provides an aesthetically pleasing look, but it is also water-conservative and does not need to be replaced for at least seven years. Most even have a color guarantee that lasts nearly a decade! The rubber mulch found at Direct Rubber Mulch is 99.9% steel free and is vulcanized, which means it will not compress, nor is it dangerous for plants, animals or humans. Did we mention that because it does not retain water, it can also help prevent the growth of many types of weeds?

Other simple changes commercial businesses can implement to be greener include improving certain in-house functions to use recycled paper, recycled bathroom materials, cleaners that are eco-friendly and so much more! There is much to be gained from utilizing green products from other eco-friendly companies as well. The most important factor for your business is the recognition of your conscious decision to be greener. That is what people are going to see and mimic in their daily and business lives.

Direct Rubber Mulch offers multiple types of recycled landscaping materials including rubber mulch, rubber mats, rubber borders and even recycled plastic borders! We distribute our products throughout the continental U.S. and are available to answer any questions you may have. Send us a question online, or give us at call during Central business hours at 1.877.884.3660!

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