Commercial Landscaping Mulch
Rubber mulch for commercial landscape

Commercial Landscaping Mulch

Our residential and commercial landscaping mulch offers protection for your soil.

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We offer the very finest in residential and commercial landscaping mulch, as well as borders for landscaping and more. One of the questions we are asked often in regards to our landscape mulch is if rubber mulch will suffocate the soil when used in a landscape? As experienced bulk rubber mulch suppliers, we can assure you that our products actually provide a layer of protection for your soil by insulating them from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. We offer recycled tire mulch that doesn’t retain water, meaning that more valuable moisture and nutrients make it down to the roots of your plants. Should you have any further questions regarding our landscaping mulch and rubber mulch borders, please feel free to ask. You may reach Direct Rubber Mulch at (877) 884-3660. Protect your soil by introducing our state-of-the-art products to your landscape.

Did you know that the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) encourages the use of recycled products and supports the use of rubber mulch because it helps to get rid of hazardous tire disposal sites? It’s true, and it’s yet another great reason to include it in your landscaping. Our products will help your soil to thrive, offering it a layer of protection from hot and cold weather extremes.

  • Multiple colors available to suit your tastes and needs
  • We offer several packaging options including 1,000 and 2,000 lb pallets, Bulk Supersacks and Palletized bags
  • Rubber mulch helps prevent weed growth
  • Rubber mulch nuggets are too heavy to be significantly affected by normal high winds or heavy rains, making them perfect for landscapes
  • Lasts longer than traditional mulch products

You’ll find our products in both residential and commercial landscapes, and with good reason. Rubber mulch offers so many benefits to a landscape, and we are eager to discuss those benefits with you. We strive to make our products affordable, and to make the ordering and shipping process timely and easy as well.

Direct Rubber Mulch is a valued resource for landscapers everywhere. Discover what we have to offer you by calling us directly at (877) 884-3660. We look forward to hearing from you.