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Discovering Commercial Value in Landscaping Materials

With more than 29 million types of businesses throughout the United States alone ( as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau from data collected in 2007), commercial business likely make up a good percentage of that overall number. While this number surely fluctuated over the last seven years throughout the slow progress of overcoming the […]

Is This Recyclable?

Many cities promote the idea of using the green waste can for waste and the blue can for recyclable materials. Homeowners and businesses, however, often illustrate a level of confusion as to what differentiates recyclable materials from waste. Waste Management put together a great interactive tool to illustrate what objects are recyclable, and how its […]

How the Use of Recycled Rubber Products Shows Consideration

The smell of fresh loose-leaf paper, crayons, pencils and whiteboard markers is enough to cause both excitement and dejected grumbles for the start of the new school year. Since August is a busy time for those heading back to school, Direct Rubber Mulch wants to talk about a different side of playground and school ground […]

How Direct Rubber Mulch Provides Complete Landscaping Materials

Landscape surfacing material? Check. Shovels? Check. Friend assistance for the project? Check. Ever feel like you’re missing something on your landscaping project checklist? Sometimes you won’t realize that something is amiss until after you begin your task. If you are attempting to create a more impressive manicured exterior at your home or business, a lack […]

Why Children Should Play

Direct Rubber Mulch is a rubber mulch landscape-surfacing distributor, and we want to take the time to recognize some of our biggest beneficiaries: children. Given that we endeavor to see a playground from a child’s point of view, our previous blog posts have specifically talked about playground safety and creating a complete playground. As we […]

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