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Did you know that ballistic backstops made from rubberized mulch have proven to be some of the most effective shooting backstops of all? Ricochets can be a problem with traditional backstops, but rubber can reduce this problem by better encapsulating bullets. As a leading name among bulk rubber mulch supplies, Direct Rubber Mulch is proud to see our products used in new and exciting ways. In terms of performance, acoustics and longevity, nothing can beat backstops made out of rubber mulch. Learn more about our affordable line of products, and the many benefits they hold for shooting enthusiasts and those in charge of choosing equipment for shooting ranges. When you do, we believe you’ll be excited at the possibilities. Call today!

Backstops made from rubber mulch? It’s true, and Direct Rubber Mulch has the products you need to help you outfit your shooting range with the safest and most effective backstops you’ll find anywhere.

  • Rubberized backstops have proven more effective in preventing ricochets
  • These types of backstops are also more effective in lessening lead dust
  • Rubber mulch helps to absorb sound
  • No infestation form insects or other pests
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor shooting range

As more and more uses for rubber mulch emerge, it becomes a more versatile product for residential and commercial customers. Its emergence at shooting ranges is an example of what this long-lasting product can bring to a variety of settings. If you are interested in creating shooting backstops of the highest order, Direct Rubber Mulch can supply you with the materials to do just that.

Call Direct Rubber Mulch today, and let’s discuss the possibility of adding our products to your shooting range. You may reach us directly at (877) 884-3660.