Answering Questions about Playground Borders

Answering Questions about Playground Borders

As we head towards the end of the third quarter of 2014, Direct Rubber Mulch has seen a major increase in orders for playground borders, as well as an influx of questions about them! This month, we caught up with our sales representatives and heard some questions not directly answered by our website. If you are looking to update your playground to the 21st Century, we have the tools for you!

Our plastic and rubber playground borders, as well as our rubber mulch, are a trendsetting transition into the new world of economically friendly products! For example, all of our products are made from recycled materials. This includes the borders, ramps, mulch and mats. Our products are even ideal for water conservative landscaping because water bypasses the rubber mulch and seeps right down to the plants’ roots instead of being absorbed by traditional or wood mulch.

If you desire specifically the rubber borders, we have just the questions and answers for you!

DRM.rulerHow do I know what height I need?
To answer this, you must determine how much material depth your local government requires for playground surfacing. A good rule of thumb is to go with a border that extends two or more inches higher than the required depth of surfacing. For example if you need six inches of rubber mulch for your playground, then the plastic timber or rubber curb borders in eight-inch heights would be excellent options. If you need nine-inches of playground surfacing, then the 12-inch plastic timber border is going to be your best option.

To assist with monitoring these surfacing levels, we have black plastic borders available in eight and 12-inch heights that offer a ruler on one side to help you maintain the desired level of playground mulch or landscaping material. If you prefer the rubber borders, we offer them in brown in four, six and eight-inch heights. These, however, do not offer the ruler guide. Do you desire an alternative color? We also offer the plastic borders in green, but you must call to specify that order versus ordering online.

DRM.stakeHow do I install these borders?
When you receive your borders shipment, you should have the desired amount of borders as well as stakes for securing their location. Line the borders up around the perimeter of the area desired. The plastic timber borders interlock at each end with a portion of the border that overlaps with a portion of the adjacent border.  Then drive stakes through the holes at each end to connect the borders together and anchor them to the ground. Special Note: The rubber curb borders also include a stake in the middle to give an additional anchor point for creating curves.

How do I know how many orders of borders I will need?
You will need to measure the total linear feet or perimeter of your area.  You then divide that number by the border length of the playground border you are interested in. Keep in mind that the plastic timber borders provide four feet of borders per order. To create a right angle for a square or rectangular area, you will need to make sure each side is divisible by four feet. We also want to mention that we offer end-caps for the borders to provide a finished edge.

What shipping method do you use?
The shipping method used depends on various factors. First, the size of your order matters. For example, we typically ship borders on pallets through an LTL carrier, and some smaller orders may process through UPS or FedEx. Most of our requested orders, however, are in bulk and require a pallet for transportation depending on which LTL carrier is available to ship to your area. Please call us if you have any questions.

Have a question that was not answered here? We welcome all inquiries through our contact form or by phone at 1.877.884.3660 (available during business hours in the central time zone).

Direct Rubber Mulch is the United States provider of recycled rubber landscaping and playground materials. We offer six distinct rubber mulch colors as well as rubber borders and mats.  Our rubber mulch is IPEMA certified and suitable for playground use as determined by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Place your order with us today!

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