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Playground Rubber Mulch

Playground rubber mulch is an ideal safety surface for your home, school, municipal, or private playground providing superior fall protection, durability, and cost efficiency, for your playground project.

Here is a quick overview of the benefits of playground rubber mulch..

  • Long-lasting color
  • Does not crack, splinter, blow, or wash away
  • Does not decompose or compress
  • Does not harbor pests, insects, rodents, or spiders
  • Quickly dries and does not absorb water, helping to prevent mud.
  • IPEMA Certified
  • ADA accessible
  • Endorsed by the EPA
  • Earns Green Building (LEED) Credits


Safety surfacing is a very important part of any playground, especially since 79% of playground injuries are caused by falls according to the the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). With over 200,000 playground injuries each year resulting in a trip to the emergency room it’s very important to find a safe surface for your playground.

Inch for inch playground rubber mulch has the highest safety rating of any other playground surface on the market. Rubber mulch provides enough fall height protection to minimize the risk and severity of playground injuries on even the largest play structures at a depth of just 6″. Our rubber mulch is also IPEMA certified for Wheelchair Accessibility per ASTM F1951-99 and Head Impact Protection per ASTM F1292-04 carrying the necessary certifications for commercial playground use.

In addition to being approved by IPEMA the use of recycled rubber mulch as a playground safety surface has been endorsed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). As many as 100 case studies have been conducted concluding that recycled rubber mulch poses no significant health or environmental risk.


Our playground rubber is guaranteed to maintain it’s impact performance for 50 years.

Cost Saving

Because you don’t have to re-mulch every year, rubber mulch affords significant cost savings over time.

The graph below illustrates the cost savings of rubber mulch when compared to engineered wood fiber (certified playground wood mulch) over a 12-year period. The cost values were determined based on a 6″ rubber mulch depth and a 12″ wood fiber depth over a 500 square foot area to achieve the most comparable fall height ratings.

Cost Savings of Rubber Mulch vs. Wood Mulch

Eco Friendly

Smart solutions like rubber mulch not only perform and function extremely well but are also excellent for the environment. Rubber mulch saves trees and keeps millions of scrap tires out of landfills annually. It is estimated that rubber mulch helps Americans recycle and reuse 89.3 percent of the scrap tires produced annually. That’s a lot of tires! You can’t go wrong with a product that is non-allergenic, harmless to plants, pets, and children, and does not deplete our natural resources.

Our rubber mulch can also earn you Green Building (LEED) Credits for recycled content, Site Stewardship, Water Efficiency.