About Landscape Rubber Mulch - Direct Rubber Mulch

Landscaping Rubber Mulch

Landscape Rubber Mulch keeps your landscape looking great all year round, not just after it’s been mulched. Rubber mulch for landscaping not only looks great for years and years, but it is also extremely durable, environmentally-friendly, and cost saving making it a high quality alternative to traditional wood and bark landscape mulch.

Here is a quick overview of the benefits of landscape rubber mulch.

  • Long-lasting color.
  • Does not crack, splinter, blow, or wash away.
  • Does not compress or decompose.
  • Does not harbor pests, termites, mold, or fungus.
  • Does not absorb water or freeze allowing more water and nutrients to reach plants.
  • Insulates plants from extreme temperatures.
  • Fights weed growth by dehydrating weed seeds that blow on the surface of the rubber mulch, preventing germination.
  • Virtually maintenance free.

Great For Plants

Landscape rubber mulch is great for plants for a few reasons, the first being that it doesn’t absorb water. This means that water percolates very quickly through the rubber mulch down into the roots of your plants allowing your plants to receive more water and nutrients. Because wood mulch DOES absorb water, less gets to the roots of your plants and the water that has been absorbed by the wood mulch evaporates off preventing it from ever benefiting your plants.

Because rubber mulch stays dry on top while insulating and protecting the water and nutrients below, it also acts as added weed protection. Weed seeds may blow into a landscape bed but aren’t able to germinate in the rubber mulch and quickly dehydrate. Landscape rubber mulch keeps the intended plants healthy and beautiful while helping to keep unwanted plants out.

Rubber mulch for landscaping also does not harbor termites, insects, mold, or fungus that may harm your plants or the area surrounding them.

Stays Beautiful

Our landscape rubber mulch will keep your landscape looking great for up to 12 times longer than traditional wood mulch. You’ll save the time, money, and the hassle of continually re-mulching your landscape beds.

Cost Saving

Rubber mulch saves you money because you don’t have to re-mulch every year. This not only saves you the cost of wood mulch you continually have to add to your landscape every year but also saves you the cost of labor. If you’re doing it yourself rubber landscape mulch can be a real back saver because after the first installation you’re all set for years!

Eco Friendly

Smart solutions like rubber mulch not only perform and function extremely well but are also excellent for the environment. Rubber mulch saves trees and keeps millions of scrap tires out of landfills annually. It is estimated that rubber mulch helps Americans recycle and reuse 89.3 percent of the scrap tires produced annually. That’s a lot of tires! You can’t go wrong with a product that is non-allergenic, harmless to plants, pets, and children, and does not deplete our natural resources.

Our rubber mulch can also earn you Green Building (LEED) Credits for recycled content, regional materials (with our 5 warehouse locations), Site Stewardship, Water Efficiency.