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Why Rubber Mulch?

Rubber mulch has many applications: playgrounds, landscaping, arena footing, and even ballistics. In all of these applications rubber mulch is always a choice that is good for the planet. Did you know that rubber mulch helps Americans recycle nearly 90% of the tires which otherwise would end up in a landfill! We've taken this approach with our playground borders as well which are made of 100% recycled materials.

Rubber mulch is an excellent safety surfacing underneath your super-sized play equipment. Large rock walls, high swing beams, rope climbers, even firehouse poles are featured on increasingly complex residential and commercial sets. Decks on many play systems measure at 5', 6', or 7' heights. How can we encourage challenge and risk, while still maintaining a secure play area for our children? Rubber mulch is the simple solution. We can help you design a protected, playful environment complete with rubber mulch and playground borders.

Rubber mulch is also a wonderful landscaping material. Virtually maintenance-free, rubber mulch works to shield plants from extreme temperatures, weeds, and pests. Since rubber doesn't absorb water like wood mulch, plants receive more of the hydration they need as water percolates quickly down to the roots. And best of all, rubber mulch doesn't compress or decompose. This means savings in time, labor, and money, as you wont have to re-mulch your landscape beds on a yearly basis.